Cash Crate


Application Process: Easy

Pay: Varies by task

Flexibility: 10 out of 10

Ways to earn: Complete offers, do surveys, watch videos, shop, and referrals


Cash Crate is a great way for anyone to make a little extra income. You don’t have to have writing skills, data entry skills, or any kind of skills! You just have to be able to fill out a form to sign up, confirm your e-mail, and complete tasks for money.


There are four ways to make money at Cash Crate:

1.       Through Offers

2.       Through Surveys

3.       Through Watching Videos

4.       Through Shopping


If you want proof that you can really make money with Cash Crate, you can head on over to the site and check out the Payment Wall where real users have already posted their checks. And, just to give you an idea, Cash Crate has over 2 million members around the world.


The other nice thing about Cash Crate is that payout occurs when you reach the minimum of $20 on the 20th of the following month. Some sites make your wait until you reach higher payouts, such as $50 or ever $100. This doesn’t help when you need cash ASAP.


Another way to earn is through the referral program at Cash Crate. You can invite other people you know who want to make some extra cash and you will make 20% of what your referrals make and then 10% of what THEIR referrals make! Sounds pretty good to me! Plus, it is really easy to make money by doing the offers because they are so simple. I’ve read some reviews of people making a full time income with this program.


Anyone can join Cash Crate, however you will need to know English well to complete the offers. Also, you only need to be 13 to join! As long as you put a few hours into doing offers, you can make a great additional income!


How much you will really make on the site only depends on you. There is always ways to make money on this site, you just have to be willing to put some time in throughout the month to make it! Many people start to try to make money online with the idea that it will be a piece of cake. While this site makes it easier to actually make the money, you still have to work a little bit to make money online.

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