Tools and Miscellaneous 

Here are a few extra tools that have helped me along the way. The best part? All of these tools are 100% free.  

Click2Sell: This is a way you can sell products to people in your articles and your site or blog AND make money! For example, if you are publishing an article on a article revenue site or your own site or blog about how to prevent acne, you can also have links to products at Click2Sell that pertain to acne, such as acne fighting creams and so on. If the person visits the site and buys the product you had linked to the article, you get a very nice commission. Not a get rich scheme, just another way to make a few extra bucks on your websites or articles. 

Google Trends: You may be thinking, why in the world would I need to know anything on this site? Well, my friend, this is your new best friend. If you begin writing articles for revenue sites, you will find that the key to making money is writing about popular subjects. On this site, you will find what out is hot so you know what to write about.  

PayPal: PayPal has several benefits. First of all, it is the only way some sites will pay you. Second, you get your money faster than you would with a check. PayPal is a safe way not only to get your payment, but also to shop.

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