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Getting paid for writing and setting your own schedule must sound like a dream, huh? Well now make it a reality. With Constant Content, Break Studios, and Demand Studios there is a $0 sign up cost, meaning they are 100% FREE! Plus, you can make some really good money with these sites too! 

With flat rate writing jobs like Break Studios, Constant Content, and Demand Studios you can make some extra money whenever you need it!

Break Studios: This is great for new writers. You can sign up easily and will be informed quickly when you are approved, usually the same day but up to 72 hours. Most people do get approved, unless for some reason Break Studios has too many writers and not enough assignments. The articles are very easy to do and need to only be 250 words or more. For each article that gets approved you will make $7. They can be slow about getting the articles approved. Currently, Break Studios is only available to those 18 and older and United States Citizens. Payment is made bi-weekly via PayPal.

Constand Content: Constant Content has a very easy sign up. You simply fill out a form, confirm you e-mail address, and then you are ready to go and can submit articles right away. Here, you will create your own articles to sell in their marketplace. They can be about anything, any length, and you select the price. It sounds great, but keep in mind that the process your articles go through is tough. If the article so much as has a spelling, grammar, or punctuation error, it will be rejected. They can be unclear on what needs to be changed in the article, making it hard to edit and resubmit. If you get too many rejections, they will suspend your account. Many people can make a full time income here and it is nice because you can write about whatever you want. Just make sure to edit well!

Demand Studios: For Demand Studios, the application process is fairly tough because you need a writing sample and resume. They also do not hire on the spot. You will usually be informed in about two to five days whether or not you were accepted or rejected. Most people have to reapply three or more times before they are accepted. If you are rejected, review your sample and resume for errors and maybe even make some major changes to make it more professional. To reapply, you will need to use a different e-mail than you did the first time.

You get paid $3 for tips (2 to 3 sentences answering a question), $7.50 for about articles (250 to 500 words), and $15 for articles that are in longer formats, such as how-to and topic view articles (500+ words). You get paid twice a week through PayPal, which is nice when you have bills to pay. There are 80,000+ articles available to write, so you will never be out of a job. You can also earn by submitting revenue share articles where you get paid-per-click on eHow.com. You have the opportunity to earn from this single article over and over and over again for as long as they keep the program going!

Families.com: Families.com pays a flat rate of $4 for starting bloggers for each 300 word blog they write about families and similar topics.  Currently, you must be raised and educated in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK to write for Families.com.

HowStuffWorks: HowStuffWorks is a great place to apply if you have experience. The pay is wonderful, as in $300-$400 wonderful. Geting hired onto HowStuffWorks is difficult though.

London Brokers: London Brokers is great for new writers needing to get their feet wet in the writing world. Pay is lower than most upfront paying sites, but you can sign up and start writing right away. This is nice for anyone needing cash ASAP. Plus, payment is made weekly on Thursday via PayPal. International individuals can apply, however they must be able to clearly write English.

LoveToKnow: LoveToKnow has a large community of writers and editors. The pay is $20 an article and you have to go through an application process. You must have one years writing experience and six months experience writing for the web.

QualityGal: QualityGal hires writers to write for them. Pay is $12 to $25 an article depending on the complexity of the article.

wiseGEEK: wiseGEEK allows writers to join their team to write articles for them. You have to be an American Citizen and give two writing examples in your application. You should hear back form them within 3 business days.

Words of Worth: Words of Worth hires writers to write articles. They do not disclose how much they pay, but it must be quite well because they have a very long waiting list.

Writers Research Group: Writers research group hires writers, editors, researchers, and data entry specialists to work for their company. Send your resume to the e-mail address on their website if you are interested in any of the positions they offer.

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