Transcription Jobs

Transcription and Word Processing jobs are nice jobs to do from home. In most cases you work as contracters with the company and they send you projects when they have them. The projects consist of voice tracks that you convert into text. The tracks may be medical, legal, or general.

AccuTran Global: AccuTran Global offers work at home opportunities such as transcription, proofreading, editing, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and administrative support to individuals that wish to work from home in their spare time.

ADS Transcription and Buisness Services: ADS Transcription and Buisness Services offer work at home opportunities such as transcription and other buisness tasks to college students, moms, and others wanting to work from home.

Diondata Solutions: Diondata Solutions offers Data Entry work at home jobs for those wishing to work from home.

Capital Typing: Capital Typing hires individuals to work at home in Transcription. Other jobs available include customer service, data entry, translation, and other office jobs.

Net Transcripts: Net Transcripts offers a variety of work at home jobs depending on their clients. Some examples of work from home work they offer includes Law Enforcement Word Processors and General Word Processors.

On the Record Reporting & Transcription: On the Record Reporting and Transcription, Inc. offers transcription work at home opportunities to stay at home individuals.

Quicktate: Quicktate hires people to work at home to do transcription.

Tiger Fish: Tiger Fish offers transcription work to stay at home individuals.

Transcotest: Transcotest hires stay at home individuals to perform transcription work from the comfort of their own homes.

Way With Words: Way With Words hires individuals to work from the comfort of their own home and do transcription work.

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