Stock Photography

Like to take photographs? Then this avenue for making money might be for you! The easiest way to make money with your photographs online is by submitting them to stock photography sites.   

The great thing about making money with these microstock sites is that you keep the rights, and you can submit one picture to every single site. The next best thing is that you simply upload them and leave them. You will always earn from the photos when they are downloaded. While this might only be $1 or so, think about selling 1000's of them a month.

Every site is a little different and has their own guidelines. Make sure to read these well before submitting photos to avoid rejections. Count on getting your first couple getting rejected and don't let it get you down. It just takes some time to get adjusted to each sites rules.

123RF, Alamy, Big Stock, Can Stock Photo, Color Pic Inc, CreStock, Cut Caster, Deposit Photos, Feature Pics, Fotolia, Free Photos Bank, Graphic Leftovers, Image Vortex, iStockPhoto, Most Photos, Photaki, Pix Mac, Shutter Stock, Stock Photo Pro, Stock Fresh, Veer, Visco Images, and Yay Micro are all great sites to earn money for your photography.

123RF: 123RF allows you to make money off of your photography.

Alamy: On Alamy you can make money from home by submitting photography you take in your spare time.

Big Stock: On Big Stock you can submit your photography to make money online.

Can Stock Photo: On Can Stock Photo you can submit your stock photography and get paid for them!

Color Pic, Inc: Color Pic, Inc is a stock photography site that allows you to make money by submiting your photos.

CreStock: On CreStock you can make money with your photography when others download your pictures!

Cut Caster: On Cut Caster you can make extra cash every single month off photography you have submitted.

Deposit Photos: On Deposit Photos you can submit your photography and if it is accepted you can earn cash when others download it.

Dreamstime: At Dreamstime you can submit your pictures and get paid if they are accepted and people buy them.

Feature Pics: At Feature Pics you can make extra cash when people download your stock photography.

Fotolia: On Fotolia you can upload your stock photography and make extra money whenever others download your work.

Free Photos Bank: On Free Photos Bank you can submit your photography for others to use. This is a great way to get your name into the photography world.

Graphic Leftovers: On Graphic Leftovers you can make cash each month when others download your photography.

Image Vortex: At Image Vortex you can submit your stock photography for extra cash.

iStockPhoto: On iStockPhoto you will reach millions with your stock photography. In order to be accepted you have to submit sample photos. For the photos that you sell, you will receive 20% in compensation. iStockPhoto accepts contributors from around the world. The payout threshold is $100 and you will be paid via PayPal, Payoneer, Check, or Money Books.

Most Photos: On Most Photos you can earn money when others buy your photos to use on their projects.

Photaki: On Photaki get extra cash by submiting stock photos.

PixMac: On PixMac you can submit your photography and get paid when others buy your work.

Shutterstock: On Shutterstock you can submit your photography and make money when people download your pictures to use on their projects.

Stock Fresh: At Stock Fresh you can make cash off of your photogaphy.

Stock Photo Pro: On Stock Photo Pro you can upload you photograhy and make extra cash when others buy it.

Veer: At Veer you can make money from photography you have just sitting on your computer.

Visco Images: On Visco Images submit your images, and if they are approved, you can make extra cash when people download them.

Yay Micro: On Yay Micro you can make money off of your photography.

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