Revenue Share Writing Sites

For those of you who are just getting started, would like to write as a hobby, or looking to make money that will keep coming in over and over again, then this is your avenue. Revenue Share sites will allow you to write articles to post on their sites. You earn when people click on ads when reading your material.

To earn with these sites, you will need Asense and you may also check out Click2Sell. You can find information and links to both of these on the Tools and Miscellaneous page

With article revenue sites like Associated Content, Blogger Party, Bukisa, Flixya, Helium, HubPages, Oondi, Senserely, Soul Cast, Squidoo, Suite 101, Triond, and Xomba you can make money every month from content you have already written.  

Allvoices: On Allvoice you can report on your favorite topics and get paid based on performance page views.

Associated Content: On Associated Content you can write articles and get paid a revenue share when people view your article. Sometimes Associated Content will outright buy an article for between $4 to $10. While I haven't made my first dollar on associated content with my measly 4 articles, I have seen lots of views and some profit. Also, you can submit photos to earn from revenue too!

Blogger Party: On Blogger Party you can earn with adsense advertisments. This is a fun way to earn money because you can blog about whatever you want and get paid.

Bukisa: Bukisa is one of my favorite ways to make money online by writing revenue share articles. Bukisa lets you earn with adsense and by views.

Flixya: On Flixya you can earn when people click on your adsense ads.

Helium: On Helium you will find multiple ways to make money. You can make money by writing articles that earn on performance, articles that pay a flat rate, and articles to submit into contests.

HubPages: On HubPages you can earn money and make friends. This site makes it fun to write articles and get valuable feed back from other writers.

Oondi: On Oondi you can write articles and make money through adsense.

Senserely: On Senserely you can use your adsense account to make money off your articles.

Soul Cast: On Soul Cast you can write about whatever your heart desires and earn revenue.

Squidoo: On Squidoo you can write informative articles and reach people all over the world. This site makes writing fun.

Suite 101: On Suite 101 you will find a virtual magazine that reaches thousands of readers. The great part is that you can write for Suite 101 and get read and paid!

Triond: Triond is one of my favorite sites to write for. Rather than having only one site that all of the submitted articles go to, Triond has multiple sites and places your article on a relevant site. For example, if I wrote an article about how to properly brown beef, then it would go on a cooking website.

Xomba: On Xomba you can get paid through adsense that is placed on your articles.

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