Application Process: Easy

Pay: Varies by task

Flexibility: 10 out of 10

Ways to earn: Daily surveys, tasks, clicking ads, do offers, try trials, download offers, watch videos, collect data, play games


For those who would like to earn a few extra bucks a month, you should really check this site out. There are different sites all over the web that will pay you for doing tasks, clicking on ads, doing offers, doing surveys, playing games, or researching the internet. The need thing about Cashle is you can get paid for all of these things in one place!


As of this morning, here are the stats for what was available in ways to make money:

·         All Free Offers: 613 available

·         Marketing Research: 14 available

·         Download Offers: 103 available

·         Service Introduction: 49 available

·         Gambit Videos: Unknown available

·         Daily Tasks: Unknown available

·         Daily Surveys: 1 available

·         $1 Offers: 18 available

·         Click Offers: 0 available

·         Trials and Paid: 288 available

·         Peanut Labs: Unknown available

·         Data Collection: 217 available

·         Gambit: Unknown available

·         Trialpay Unknown available


As you can see, there is a ton of different ways to make money on Cashle. Cashle works with Points2Shop which gives you even more ways to earn. You only need to sign up for one in order to be signed up for both.


You don’t need a credit card to sign up for Cashle and it is completely free to sign up. If you do one of the trial offers or one of the offers requires you to buy something, then you will need a credit card. However, there are over six hundred free offers. So if you don’t want to use your credit card, you don’t have to!


The other cool thing about Cashle is that you can redeem points that you earn at Amazon. Don’t let this confuse you. You earn cash or change the cash to points and use the points at places like Amazon. I looked as some of the prizes that you can buy and they include some really neat electronics, such as an Xbox. You also receive your first $0.50 for simply signing up.


To sign up, you have to be 18 years or older. However, for the younger audience, you can sign up at 13 as long as you have a parent’s permission. Another way to make money on Cashle is to earn by referring other people to the site. You can make up to $1 just for having an American sign up! You can then earn a percentage of what that person will make. But no worries, the money won’t come from that persons earnings, but from Cashles. Seems like a pretty good deal! Everyone wins!

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